Registered and Licensed Orthopedic Surgical Devices

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Designed to help veterinarians add or expand orthopedic services. The drills and saws are a cost-effective infection control option for your surgical needs. As of today, we have shipped our products to 14 different countries and improved the lives of 45,000 animals.

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About our Products

Arbutus Medical drills and saws systems give veterinary surgeons the power and confidence to perform sterile orthopedic surgery with ease.

HEX Drill System

The DrillCover Hex system has been adapted to match the speed, torque and ergonomics of a surgical drill. It provides the perfect cost-saving solution for veterinarians wanting to step into orthopedics.



PRO Drill System

The PRO Drill system is designed to quickly and easily switch accessories for all your drilling, pinning, and reaming needs during TPLO, TTA, lateral suture, patella luxation, fracture fixation, total knee, and total hip replacement. Avoid autoclaving by simply exchanging a soiled cover for a sterile one between surgeries.


New PRO Drill


Saw System

The Oscillating SawCover System makes your osteotomies much faster and more accurate compared to using an osteotome.
The ergonomically-designed handle gives you comfortable control when sawing.




About our Kits

Our kits contain everything you need to get started

The DrillCover Hex System Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 DeWalt Drill

  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

  • 1 Battery Charger (plug types A, C and G available)

  • 1 DrillCover Hex Linen

  • 1 3-Jaw Chuck Adapter

  • 1 chuck key

  • Optional: AO attachment (to use with half-moon shaped drill bits)

The DrillCover PRO Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 licensed and registered surgical drill
  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 1 Battery Charger (different plug types available)
  • 1 DrillCover Hex Linen* + 1 Textile guard


The SawCover System Starter Kit  includes:

  • 1 Oscillating Saw

  • 1 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

  • 1 Battery Charger (Plug types A, C and G available)

  • 1 SawCover Linen + 1 SawCover Textile Guard

  • 1 Thumbscrew

  • 1 Allen Key

Note: The Saw Cover System can only be used with Arbutus Medical Saw blades.


What veterinarians say about the products:

“..this drill has been a great investment for our hospital. I would strongly urge any veterinarian considering adding orthopedic services, or expanding an existing service, to consider this amazing drill. 

Dr. Eric Wilkening, DVM, Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center, Gainesville, Florida 


“Love Arbutus Medical's oscillating saw! About 1/3 the cost of other oscillating saws on the market and works great! The linen cover for the saw allows for sterile handling intra-op. and allows for easy post-op. clean-up. Great customer service and follow-up from the staff at Arbutus Medical. They really seemed to care about the quality of their product and making sure that it met the needs of the physicians who used it.

Dr. Robert Kaplan DVM, VCA Mission Hopsital, Alhambra, CA, USA

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